Grape Blow Pop – Geek Bar Pulse 15000

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Smokers/Grape Vape/Grape Blow Pop:

Smokersheap offer a unique Grape Vape  flavour with a hint of tartness along with an underlying tone of sweetness which make the e liquid a very unique product for our customers. Choosing a Grape Blow Pop e-liquid flavour is the most selected product that is a great choice for our valuable customers. Most often Grape Blow Pop e-liquids are used on their own but it can be paired with other berry flavours like blueberry and blackcurrant for getting a richer flavour. Another pairing of Grape Vape e-liquid with a soda e-liquid is a common practice of the Smokersheap that enhances a refreshing vape experience with a smooth throat hit. If you want a sweet taste of Grape Blow Pop e-liquid then we suggest pairing with a candy mix or dessert flavours like pastry.

Top Vape Brand:

Smokers  offer a wide range of branded Vape Juices and Devices from USA, U.K. and  China.We offer a great variety of flavours with popular Nic Salt nicotine which include 20mg, 24mg, 25mg, 30mg, 35mg, 40mg, 48mg and 50mg in our stock. Our customer service is  also an essential part of the quality that we claim. We believe in long-term customer relationships that continue to 

offer our support even after making the sale.We offer our customers easier forms of payments including Card Payment or through Cash. We also accept online orders with Cash on Delivery.


Counterfeit copies can pose a significant health risk to our customers’ health therefore we maintain a strict due diligence while you are choosing suppliers and products. We offer the lowest prices for Vapes and E-liquids. Combined with cheapest prices, we are offering  high quality customer service that’s why we are  providing high quality to our customers.Smokersheap presents for you a wide range of  Grape Vape  flavour which make the e liquid a very unique product for our customers. 







Geek Bar

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